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Hi-Tech Mechanical is located in beautiful Temperance, Michigan, which allows us to handle contracting jobs all across Michigan and Ohio. Our staff is dedicated to quality service at an affordable cost. We are licensed contractor looking to help you with your maintenance costs. We service all types of mechanical and electrical equipment, as well as heating and cooling systems. We also use CNG in our vehicles and can convert and fuel vehicles (CNG = Compressed Natural Gas). Please browse our Services page to find all the services we provide.

We employ highly trained professionals who can help you solve all your heating and cooling needs, from repairs to new equipment - call for quotes. Let us quote your next project.


Please give us the opportunity to work with you, and give us a call to get a quote on our service rates. Keep us in mind for your maintenance needs.

  • Replace high bay lights with fluorescent high bay. There are many advantages.

  • Instant on and off lights can be on timers or motion sensors.

  • Lower noise levels, lower heat levels, and payback on utilities in 2 or 3 years.

Hi-Tech Mechanical offers full service on HVAC and refrigeration equipment.

Update your lighting to new high-efficiency standards and lower energy costs.


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